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The table below shows various notch filters many of which may be customized according to your specifications. Package modifications are also available. Surface mount versions are often available for the SMA packages as are connectorized versions of the surface mount packages. Call or email your custom specifications for a prompt review and quotation. Check back often for new additions.

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Case Style Type:

SMD = Surface Mount
DIP = Dual-In-Line

SMA = SMA Connectors
BNC = BNC Connectors

N = N Connectors
PCB = Pins for PC Board Mounting

Part NumberNotch
Notes/Special Features
2355-2020 Hz5 HzPCBActive Filter
2355-5050 Hz7 HzPCBActive Filter
2355-50-BNC50 Hz7 HzBNCActive Filter
235560 Hz7 HzPCBActive Filter
2355-BNC60 Hz7 HzBNCActive Filter
2355-SMA60 Hz7 HzSMAActive Filter
312260 Hz7 HzBNC6 Channel Active Filter
Power Supply Included
2355-120120 Hz14 HzPCBActive Filter
2355-240240 Hz30 HzPCBActive Filter
2355-400400 Hz50 HzPCBActive Filter
3099875 Hz400 Hz800 HzBNCActive Filter
29041 KHz316 HzBNC600 Ohm
25942.75 KHz600 HzBNC600 Ohm
30883.4 KHz2.44 KHz600 HzBNC50 Ohm Source
1 KOhm Load
250712 KHz1 KHz100 HzPCB5 Kohm
3373-23.4-SMA23.4 KHz14 KHz2.2 KHzSMA
3373-39-SMA39 KHzSMA>90 dB Rejection
2496100 KHz20 KHz2.7 KHzBNC
3373-150-SMA150 KHzSMA>90 dB Rejection
3053162 KHz32.4 KHz3.2 KHzSMA
3373-195-SMA195 KHzSMA>90 dB Rejection
3052198 KHz38.8 KHz4 KHzSMA
3456-200-SMA200 KHz127 KHz14 KHzSMA
3470-SMA230 KHz360 KHz95 MHzSMA2 Kohm Source & Load
3459-SMA240 KHz50 KHz8 KHzSMA2 Kohm Source & Load
3373-250-SMA250 KHzSMA>90 dB Rejection
3054252 KHz50.4 KHz5 KHzSMA
3373-395-SMA395 KHzSMA>90 dB Rejection
3137500 KHz26 KHz3.8 KHzBNC1 KOhm Source
1 KOhm Load
3467-SMA500 KHz142 KHz14 KHzSMA
3456-500-SMA500 KHz392 KHz47 KHzSMA
3150-501 MHz26 KHz4.6 KHzBNC
31501 MHz26 KHz2.5 KHzBNC250 Ohm Source
250 Ohm Load
31421 MHz300 KHzSMD100 Ohm Differential
3142-BNC1 MHz300 KHzBNC100 Ohm Differential
3456-1000-SMA1 MHz697 KHz75 KHzSMA
3272-N1.07 MHz250 KHzN
2520-11.1875 MHz435 KHzSMA
29572 MHz560 KHzDIP
24972 MHz400 KHz59 KHzBNC
25922.85 MHz839 KHzBNC
3252-N3.65 MHz200 KHz28 KHzN
24913.75 MHz1.25 MHzPCB
3439-5-SMA5 MHz0.7 MHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
3222-SMA5 MHz5 MHz265 KHzSMAConstant Input Impedance
26065 MHz1 MHzDIP
2606-SMA5 MHz1 MHzSMA
3456-5000-SMA5 MHz3.2 MHz368 KHzSMA
2489-15.8 MHz1.22 MHzPCB
2520-25.8 MHz2.13 MHzSMA
3465-7.2-SMA7.2 MHz2.6 MHz380 KHzSMA
3203-8.58.5 MHz1.45 MHz300 KHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
320310 MHz1.66 MHz300 KHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
2489-211.4 MHz4.18 MHzDIP
2520-311.4 MHz4.18 MHzSMA
3203-1212 MHz2 MHz961 KHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
3483-SMA13.56 MHz584 KHz99 KHzSMANarrow Band
3345-14.7-SMA14.7 MHz12 MHz2.7 MHzSMA
244617.89 MHz6 MHzSMD
3434-21-SMA21 MHz6.7 MHz1.56 MHzSMA
2489-323.75 MHz8.71 MHzDIP
2520-423.75 MHz8.71 MHzSMA
3368-SMA25 MHz7 MHz5.6 MHzSMA
3483-27.12-SMA27.12 MHz990 KHz142 KHzSMA
255430 MHz7.1 MHzDIP100 Ohm Differential
283440 MHz22 MHzDIP100 Ohm Differential
309240 MHz16.5 MHzSMDBi-Directional Absorptive
2489-445.6 MHz16.7 MHzDIP
2520-545.6 MHz16.7 MHzSMA
3434-51-SMA51 MHz16.5 MHz4 MHzSMA
2787-164.2 MHz23.2 MHz3.6 MHzDIP100 Ohm Differential
255565 MHz15.25 MHzDIP100 Ohm Differential
2489-567.25 MHz24.66 MHzDIP
2520-667.25 MHz24.66 MHzSMA
3439-70-SMA70 MHz37 MHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
2520-780 MHz29.33 MHzSMA
303580 MHz20 MHz4.67 MHzSMA
3434-81-SMA81 MHz26.55.9SMA
2787-284.2 MHz23 MHz4 MHzDIP100 Ohm Differential
283585 MHz30 MHzDIP100 Ohm Differential
3345-85.3-SMA85.3 MHz65 MHz16 MHzSMA
2489-695 MHz34.8 MHzDIP
2520-8100 MHz36.7 MHzSMA
3439-100-SMA100 MHz53 MHz17 MHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
2409121.5 MHz50 MHzBNC
2489-7142.5 MHz52.5 MHzDIP
2520-9142.5 MHz52.5 MHzSMA
3298-10-160160 MHz10 MHzSMD
3036160 MHz40 MHz9.8 MHzSMA
3298-82-160160 MHz82 MHzSMD
3434-200-SMA200 MHz64 MHz15.6 MHzSMA
3349-500-SMA500 MHz233 MHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
3344-942942 MHz70 MHz16 MHzSMP
3439-1000-SMA1000 MHz1000 MHz431 MHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
3298-500-10001000 MHz500 MHzSMD
3168-14351435 MHz193 MHz50 MHzSMA
3352-F1500 MHz2350 MHz1800 MHzF75 Ohm - Wideband Band Splitting
3168-17951795 MHz245 MHz40 MHzSMA
3344-18421842 MHz120 MHz28 MHzSMP
3439-2000-SMA2000 MHz706 MHz210 MHzSMABi-Directional Absorptive
3168-22352235 MHz305 MHz70 MHzSMA

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