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The table below shows various diplexer filters many of which may be customized according to your specifications. Package modifications are also available. Surface mount versions are often available for the SMA packages as are connectorized versions of the surface mount packages. Call or email your custom specifications for a prompt review and quotation. Check back often for new additions.

Quick Filter Links:

Bandpass – Lowpass – Notch – Highpass – Equalizer – Diplexer – Root Cosine

Case Style Type:

SMD = Surface Mount
DIP = Dual-In-Line

SMA = SMA Connectors
BNC = BNC Connectors

N = N Connectors
PCB = Pins for PC Board Mounting

Part NumberLowband
Notes/Special Features
240142 MHz54 MHz to 870 MHzSMD75 Ohm 42/54 MHz Split CATV, DOCSIS
3427-20-234-25-50+19.95 MHz233.9 MHzSMD25 Ohm Source, 50 Ohm Load
2793174 MHz to 240 MHz88 MHz to 180 MHzSMASeparates High Band VHF and FM Band
3227DC to 2850 MHz3150 to 8500 MHzN
3354-FDC to 250 MHz2600 to 2800 MHzF75 Ohm Bandpass / Band Reject

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