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The table below shows various lowpass filters many of which may be customized according to your specifications. Package modifications are also available. Surface mount versions are often available for the SMA packages as are connectorized versions of the surface mount packages. Call or email your custom specifications for a prompt review and quotation. Check back often for new additions.

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Case Style Type:

SMD = Surface Mount
DIP = Dual-In-Line

SMA = SMA Connectors
BNC = BNC Connectors

N = N Connectors
PCB = Pins for PC Board Mounting

Part NumberCutoff
at Cutoff
Notes/Special Features
23645 Hz316 Hz40PCBActive Filter
3363-10HZ-BNC10 HZ340 HZ48BNCActive Filter
3363-10HZ10 Hz340 Hz48PCBActive Filter
Frequency Devices
D74L4B-10HZ Replacement
219516 Hz360 Hz40PCBActive Filter
2195-BNC16 Hz360 Hz40BNCActive Filter
2376-50-BNC50 Hz3126 Hz48BNCActive Filter
316450 Hz1100 Hz10PCBPassive
236060 Hz3225 Hz40PCBActive Filter
237660 Hz3180 Hz40PCBActive Filter
3394-100HZ100 Hz3560 Hz60PCBActive Filter
Frequency Devices
D70L4B-100HZ Replacement
3394-100HZ-BNC100 Hz3560 Hz60BNCActive Filter
2054100 Hz3160 Hz40PCB10 KOhm
2321300 Hz31 KHz40SIPActive Filter
2321-BNC300 Hz31 KHz40BNCActive Filter
2321-SMA300 Hz31 KHz40SMAActive Filter
2216700 Hz32.3 KHz40SIPActive Filter
2216-BNC700 Hz32.3 KHz40BNCActive Filter
3363-4KHZ4 KHz324 KHz60PCBActive Filter
Frequency Devices
D74L4B-4KHZ Replacement
22554 KHz34.4 KHz60PCB10 KOhm
2255-BNC4 KHz34.4 KHz60BNC10 KOhm
33134.5 KHz3100 KHz60BNCActive Filter
2376-60006 KHz313.5 KHz40PCBActive Filter
3363-10KHZ10 KHz340 KHz48PCBActive Filter
Frequency Devices
D74L4B-10KHZ Replacement
3394-10KHZ10 KHz340 KHz48PCBActive Filter
Frequency Devices
D70L4B-10KHZ Replacement
248420 KHz1.521 KHz20SMA
3201-20-SMA20 KHz332 KHz52SMA
3201-20-BNC20 KHz332 KHz52BNC
3363-30KHZ30 KHz3180 KHz60PCBActive Filter
Frequency Devices
D74L4B-30KHZ Replacement
3282-SMA45 KHz1.550 KHz30SMA50 Ohm
282645 KHz1.550 KHz30SMA500 Ohm
3363-50KHZ50 KHz3300 KHz60PCBActive Filter
Frequency Devices
D74L4B-50KHZ Replacement
3394-50KHZ50 KHz3200 KHz48PCBActive Filter
Frequency Devices
D70L4B-50KHZ Replacement
3394-50KHZ-BNC50 KHz3200 KHz48PCBActive Filter
347950 KHz3100 KHz36SMALow Impedance Source/High Impedance Load
2367100 KHz3300 KHz30PCBBessel Filter
2275-1100 KHz3160 KHz52PCB
2928-SMA100 KHz1140 KHz45SMA
2928-1100 KHz1140 KHz45BNCBNC(F)/BNC(F)
2928100 KHz1140 KHz45BNCBNC(F)/BNC(M)
2827-130130 KHz1.5149 KHz30SMA
2275-1.5150 KHz3240 KHz50SMA
2275-1.5-BNC150 KHz3240 KHz50BNC
2275-2-BNC200 KHz3320 KHz52BNC
2275-2200 KHz3320 KHz52PCB
2852250 KHz3350 KHz50PCB200 Ohm
2275-3300 KHz3480 KHz52PCB
2217300 KHz2510 KHz78PCB200 Ohm
2827350 KHz1.5400 KHz30SMA
2275-4400 KHz3640 KHz52PCB
3385-N400 KHz3640 KHz50NStopband to 1 GHz
2275-5-BNC500 KHz3800 KHz52BNC
2275-5500 KHz3800 KHz52PCB
3493-SMA500 KHz12 MHz55SMA200 Ohm
3105-535535 KHz3560 KHz80SMA
2256600 KHz3660 KHz60PCB300 Ohm
22581.2 MHz31.32 MHz60PCB300 Ohm
22602.4 MHz32.64 MHz60PCB300 Ohm
2257750 KHz3900 KHz80PCB300 Ohm
22591.5 MHz31.8 MHz80PCB300 Ohm
3271-SMA1 MHz0.51.4 MHz45SMAStopband to >6 GHz
3271-BNC1 MHz0.51.4 MHz45BNCStopband to >6 GHz
2297-11 MHz0.51.4 MHz45SIP
2297-1-BNC1 MHz0.51.4 MHz45BNC
29291 MHz11.3 MHz45BNC
32561 MHz11.875 MHz40SMD4 Filters in one Module
2297-21.6 MHz0.52.24 MHz45SIP
23511.6 MHz35 MHz27BNC75 Ohm Bessel Filter
22181.75 MHz0.252.41 MHz45BNC75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
23911.75 MHz0.252.41 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
2391-1.75-751.75 MHz0.252.42 MHz45BNC75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2391-1.75-75-SMA1.75 MHz0.252.42 MHz45SMA75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
7B205L-B+2 MHz38 MHz48PCB100 Ohm Bessel Filter
3202-2-BNC2 MHz0.52.8 MHz45BNC
2547-20002 MHz14 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
2156-2-502 MHz13.75 MHz40DIP
2297-32.5 MHz0.53.5 MHz45SIP
MDV8B2502.5 MHz0.23.5 MHz45PCB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
MDV8B250S2.5 MHz0.43.5 MHz45PCB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
22673 MHz0.255.75 MHz45PCBGroup Delay Equalized
2547-30003 MHz16 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
2156-3-753 MHz15.625 MHz40DIP75 Ohm
2547-35003.5 MHz17 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
2159-3.5-503.5 MHz35.15 MHz40DIP
2391-3.5-753.5 MHz0.254.83 MHz45BNC75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
25083.5 MHz38.5 MHz25DIP75 Ohm
24113.9 MHz0.35.13 MHz40SIP75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2297-44 MHz0.55.6 MHz45SIP
2547-40004 MHz18 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
23714 MHz317.5 MHz50PCBBessel Filter
25114.2 MHz0.117 MHz45SIP75 Ohm
25124.2 MHz0.117 MHz45SIP75 Ohm Sin(x)/x Correction
20954.2 MHz0.25.8 MHz40SMB75 Ohm
31517 MHz115 MHz50SMA
2158-8-508 MHz3DIPLinear Phase
2159-5-505 MHz17.3 MHz40DIP
2160-8-508 MHz3DIP
2434-55 MHz0.510 MHz55SMD
24955 MHz35.3 MHz40BNC
21705 MHz0.17.25 MHz45PCB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2170-S5 MHz0.27.25 MHz45PCB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
23115 MHz0.515 MHz38SIP75 Ohm
22395.25 MHz0.37.16 MHz40PCB300 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2124SMD5.5 MHz0.28 MHz40SMD75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
24385.5 MHz0.37.23 MHz40SIP75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
22995.5 MHz0.27.16 MHz30PCB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2299-s5.5 MHz0.27.16 MHz30PCB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
26056 MHz0.158.7 MHz45PCB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2391A-6-506 MHz0.258.28 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
20826 MHz0.26.6 MHz40SMB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
23066 MHz37 MHz40PCB75 Ohm
2437-6.16.1 MHz37.625 MHz45SMD
2297-56.4 MHz0.58.96 MHz45SIP
2434-6.76.7 MHz0.513.4 MHz55SMD
2304-F5.75 MHz0.120.25 MHz45SIP
23966.75 MHz0.213.5 MHz40SIP75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
24907 MHz112 MHz30SMAGroup Delay Equalized
2832-SMA7.5 MHz310 MHz40SMA
3400-SMA7.5 MHz310 MHz40SMA
21528 MHz3SIP75 Ohm Linear Phase
2391A-8-508 MHz0.2511.04 MHz45BNC
22018.5 MHz0.112.5 MHz45PCB75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2391B-9-509 MHz0.2512.42 MHz45Group Delay Equalized
26959.4 MHz120 MHz40SMD
296910 MHz113.125 MHz84SMD
2969-SMA10 MHz113.125 MHz84SMA
327510 MHz0.520 MHz55SMD
2434-1010 MHz0.520 MHz55SMD
2297-610 MHz0.514 MHz45SIP
2156-10-7510 MHz118.75 MHz40DIP75 Ohm
2391A-10-7510 MHz0.2513.8 MHz45BNC75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2884+11 MHz312 MHz50SMD
2884-SMA11 MHz312 MHz50SMA
275812 MHz340 MHz50DIPLinear Phase
3214-12+12 MHz133 MHz40SMD
242815 MHz146 MHz40SIP75 Ohm
2378-50-SMA15 MHz0.222.275 MHz40SMA50 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
237815 MHz0.122.275 MHz40SMD75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
238115 MHz0.2522.275 MHz40SIP75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
250615 MHz0.159.25 MHz50SIP75 Ohm
2297-7-SMA16 MHz0.522.4 MHz45SMA
2297-716 MHz0.522.4 MHz45SIP
2297-7-BNC16 MHz0.522.4 MHz45BNC
2297-7-BNC-116 MHz1.522.4 MHz45BNC
2391A-16-5016 MHz0.2522.1 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
2391B-18-5018 MHz0.2524.84 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
299920 MHz230 MHz60SMD
239020 MHz0.129.7 MHz40SMD75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2156-20-5020 MHz140 MHz40DIP
2156-20-7520 MHz137.5 MHz40DIP75 Ohm
2159-20-5020 MHz129.2 MHz40DIP
233220 MHz322.5 MHz25PCB75 Ohm
302020 MHz322.5 MHz25SMA
2434-2020 MHz0.540 MHz55SMD
2586-2020 MHz0.540 MHz55SMA
293720 MHz344.1 MHz45SMA
2297-825 MHz0.535 MHz45SIP
237025 MHz0.239 MHz47PCBGroup Delay Equalized
303925.5 MHz135 MHz49SMA
227727 MHz0.538 MHz60PCBGroup Delay Equalized
293330 MHz336 MHz65PCB
2933-SMA30 MHz336 MHz65SMA
247930 MHz140 MHz12SIP75 Ohm
2434-3030 MHz0.560 MHz55SMD
3018-1+30 MHz170 MHz50SMD
3018-2-SMA30 MHz137.5 MHz50SMAGroup Delay Equalized
3018-2+30 MHz137.5 MHz50SMDGroup Delay Equalized
319530 MHz170 MHz83SMD
2586-3030 MHz0.560 MHz55SMA
3214-30+30 MHz178 MHz40SMD
258030 MHz0.243.5 MHz40SIPGroup Delay Equalized
2580-S30 MHz0.243.5 MHz40SIPGroup Delay Equalized
233830 MHz0.144.55 MHz40SMD75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
238230 MHz0.243.5 MHz40SIP75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
253230 MHz0.243.5 MHz40SIPGroup Delay Equalized
246530 MHz0.1118.5 MHz50SIP75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
250430 MHz1100 MHz40SIP75 Ohm
2289_3232 MHz436.96 MHz45SIP
2416-3232 MHz347.36 MHz50SMD
282432 MHz350 MHz75SMD
3254-32-LP32 MHz1.550 MHz60SMD
3254-32-LP-SMA32 MHz1.550 MHz60SMA
279532.5 MHz336.8 MHz42DIP
3214-33+33 MHz159 MHz40SMD
248933 MHz145 MHz30SMAGroup Delay Equalized
247834 MHz0.2546 MHz40SMAGroup Delay Equalized
2159-35-5035 MHz152.5 MHz40DIP
245437 MHz0.552.2 MHz60SMAGroup Delay Equalized
284740 MHz0.585 MHz55SIP75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2847-S40 MHz0.585 MHz55SIP75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
2586-4040 MHz0.580 MHz55SMA
278940 MHz1.552.5 MHz84SMA
2789-SMD40 MHz1.552.5 MHz84SMD
2297-940 MHz0.556 MHz45SIP
274044 MHz0.560 MHz60SMD
2289_4545 MHz452 MHz45SIP
280545 MHz170 MHz30SMA
2391B-45-5045 MHz0.2562.1 MHz45BNCGroup Delay Equalized
291245 MHz0.250 MHz11SMDGroup Delay Equalized
2455-SMD45 MHz0.560 MHz60SMDGroup Delay Equalized
245545 MHz0.560 MHz60PCBGroup Delay Equalized
289450 MHz368.5 MHz45SMD
2586-5050 MHz0.5100 MHz55SMA
2515-S50 MHz0.2573.6 MHz60SMDGroup Delay Equalized
251550 MHz0.2573.6 MHz60SMAGroup Delay Equzlized
2156-52-5052 MHz1104 MHz40DIP
270152.5 MHz3200 MHz50PCBBessel Filter 11th Order
247652.5 MHz0.7567.5 MHz60PCBGroup Delay Equalized
257860 MHz469.3 MHz40DIP100 Ohm Differential
2403-S60 MHz0.274.25 MHz40SMD75 Ohm
Group Delay Equalized
3380-SMA60 MHz367.5 MHz40SMA
2156-65-5065 MHz1130 MHz40DIP
253965 MHz475.1 MHz45DIP
2289-6565 MHz475.1 MHz45SIP
262665 MHz475.1 MHz40DIP100 Ohm Differential
2289-7171 MHz482 MHz45SIP
2289-75-S75 MHz487 MHz45SMD
280685 MHz2108 MHz30SMA
278885 MHz3215 MHz60DIP100 Ohm Differential
251388 MHz1132 MHz40SMAGroup Delay Equalized
306588 MHz1118 MHz40SMA
273989 MHz2102 MHz30DIP
302590 MHz1160 MHz60SMD
2289-9191 MHz1105 MHz45SIP
269291 MHz3100 MHz20SMA
3119100 MHz3109.9 MHz20SMA
2297-11100 MHz0.5140 MHz45SIP
3261100 MHz3148 MHz50SMD
2416-100100 MHz3148 MHz50SMD
3234-SMA105 MHz0.5155 MHz60SMAGroup Delay Equalized
2702105 MHz3400 MHz55PCBBessel Filter 11th Order
2886110 MHz1180 MHz40SMA
2923-SMD+110 MHz2.5117.5 MHz40SMD
2923-SMA110 MHz2.5117.5 MHz40SMA
2923110 MHz2.5117.5 MHz40TNC
3405-SMA112 MHz1.5118 MHz10SMA
3230-SMA112.5 MHz2125 MHz45SMAGroup Delay Equalized
2922114 MHz2.5121.7 MHz40TNC
2921118 MHz2.5126 MHz40TNC
3232-N125 MHz1145 MHz40N10 Watt Input
2416125 MHz3185 MHz50SMD
2978150 MHz1250 MHz70SMD
2840150 MHz2250 MHz60DIP100 Ohm Differential
2289-150150 MHz4175 MHz45SIP
2750165 MHz0.75225 MHz50SMDGroup Delay Equalized
2750-SMA165 MHz0.75225 MHz50SMAGroup Delay Equalized
3258-SMA165 MHz3175 MHz25SMA
2635167 MHz1226 MHz50DIP
2635-SMA167 MHz1226 MHz50SMA
2812174 MHz2225 MHz50SMA
2556175 MHz1.5225 MHz45DIP
2747178 MHz1204 MHz20DIP
3101180 MHz3200 MHz40SMAGroup Delay Equalized
3013-1185 MHz1210 MHz30SMD
3070200 MHz3250 MHz40SMDGroup Delay Equalized
3070-SMA200 MHz3250 MHz40SMAGroup Delay Equalized
3253-201-LP201 MHz1.5402 MHz50SMD
3253-201-LP-SMA201 MHz1.5402 MHz50SMA
3395+225 MHz1278 MHz40SMD
3068250 MHz1300 MHz20SMD
3086250 MHz1330 MHz60SMDGroup Delay Equalized
3495270 MHz3290 MHz60SMDC-1394
2961300 MHz1500 MHz40SMDGroup Delay Equalized
2961-SMA300 MHz1500 MHz40SMAGroup Delay Equalized
3064300 MHz1600 MHz55SMA
2426320 MHz0.51000 MHz35SMD
2987350 MHz1580 MHz60N
3188-SMA351.4 MHz3390 MHz60SMA
2433-400400 MHz3522 MHz54SMD
2433-400-SMA400 MHz3522 MHz54SMA
3216-SMA400 MHz1450 MHz50SMA
2433-416416 MHz3543 MHz54SMD
2738420 MHz1.5500 MHz35SMD
3007+430 MHz0.5549 MHz20SMDGroup Delay Equalized
3007-SMA430 MHz0.5549 MHz20SMAGroup Delay Equalized
2927440 MHz3520 MHz40SMD
2914450 MHz3500 MHz35SMA
3488+475 MHz4525 MHz60SMD
2968+475 MHz0.5800 MHz55SMDGroup Delay Equalized
2968-SMA475 MHz0.5800 MHz55SMAGroup Delay Equalized
2433-500-SMA500 MHz3652.5 MHz54SMA
3153-SMA615 MHz3800 MHz60SMA
3255-805-LP-SMA805 MHz1.51600 MHz50SMA
3255-805-LP805 MHz1.51600 MHz50SMD
3307+1200 MHz0.52000 MHz30SMDGroup Delay Equalized
3337+1208 MHz21292 MHz18SMD
30081250 MHz11600 MHz40SMD
3008-SMA1250 MHz1.251600 MHz40SMA
3308-1350+1350 MHz11900 MHz40SMD
32571500 MHz11900 MHz42SMD
3441-1500+1500 MHz36000 MHz30SMDLinear Phase
3293-SMA1700 MHz32500 MHz40SMA
3308-1950+1950 MHz12700 MHz40SMD
3481-SMA2100 MHz32900 MHz40SMA
32812750 MHz13900 MHz40SMD
3281-SMA2750 MHz13900 MHz40SMA
3441-3000+3000 MHz38000 MHz20SMDLinear Phase

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