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The table below shows various equalizers many of which may be customized according to your specifications. Package modifications are also available. Surface mount versions are often available for the SMA packages as are connectorized versions of the surface mount packages. Call or email your custom specifications for a prompt review and quotation. Check back often for new additions.

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Case Style Type:

SMD = Surface Mount
DIP = Dual-In-Line

SMA = SMA Connectors
BNC = BNC Connectors

N = N Connectors
PCB = Pins for PC Board Mounting

Part NumberFrequency
Notes/Special Features
22194.5 MHzNTSC System M Group Delay Pre-Emphasis
22324.8 MHzPAL System B Group Dleay Pre-Emphasis
31415 MHz to 100 MHz2F Connectors
285725 MHz to 225 MHz5SMA
307550 MHz to 90 MHz5BNC 75 Ohm
281750 MHz to 550 MHz7N Connectors
2817-SMA50 MHz to 550 MHz7SMA
2815100 MHz to 900 MHz6SMA
2816100 MHz to 900 MHz7SMA
2981100 MHz to 2800 MHz15SMA
3120150 MHz to 950 MHz6SMA
3443-SMA-M-F200 MHz to 2200 MHz6SMA(M)/SMA(F)
3290-SMA400 MHz to 800 MHz10SMA
2848400 MHz to 1000 MHz7SMD
3362-SMA750 MHz to 1250 MHz4.5SMA
30691000 MHz to 1500 MHz3SMA
2971-11400 MHz to 2800 MHz8SMA Lowpass Equalizer
2971-21400 MHz to 2800 MHz2SMA Lowpass Equalizer
33752000 MHz to 4000 MHz9SMD
3444-SMA-M-F4200 MHz to 5800 MHz3SMA(M)/SMA(F)

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