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The table below shows various highpass filters many of which may be customized according to your specifications. Package modifications are also available. Surface mount versions are often available for the SMA packages as are connectorized versions of the surface mount packages. Call or email your custom specifications for a prompt review and quotation. Check back often for new additions.

Quick Filter Links:

Bandpass – Lowpass – Notch – Highpass – Equalizer – Diplexer – Root Cosine

Case Style Type:

SMD = Surface Mount
DIP = Dual-In-Line

SMA = SMA Connectors
BNC = BNC Connectors

N = N Connectors
PCB = Pins for PC Board Mounting

Part NumberCutoff
at Cutoff
Notes/Special Features
205550 Hz330 Hz40PCB10 Kohm Source & Load
3244100 Hz360 Hz40BNC10 Kohm Source & Load
2357500 Hz1300 Hz50PCB20 Kohm Source & Load
314820 KHz310 KHz55BNC
3148-SMA20 KHz310 KHz55SMA
2314-SMA50 KHz325 KHz55SMA
231450 KHz325 KHz55BNC
3072100 KHz280 KHz40SMA
3072-BNC100 KHz280 KHz40BNC
3210-N140 KHz2120 KHz40N
2315250 KHz325 KHz65BNC
3398-BNC1 MHz0.5870 KHz25BNC
2557-SMA2 MHz1300 KHz50SMA
25572 MHz1300 KHz50SMD
2557-BNC2 MHz1300 KHz50BNC
3102-22 MHz1300 KHz50BNC
3408-3-SMA3 MHz10.6 MHz60SMA
22814.8 MHz33.58 MHz40BNC75 ohm Source & Load
3408-5-SMA5 MHz11 MHz60SMA
23485 MHz33.73 MHz40SIP75 ohm Source & Load
3102-55 MHz1750 KHz50BNC
3408-7-SMA7 MHz11.4 MHz60SMA
3102-1010 MHz11.5 MHz50BNC
3102-1515 MHz12.25 MHz50BNC
3102-2020 MHz13 MHz50BNC
303725 MHz1.520 MHz36SMA
2432-3030 MHz323 MHz50SMD
290230 MHz120 MHz48SMD
2432-30-SMA30 MHz323 MHz50SMA
2290-3535 MHz430 MHz45SIP
2290-35-SMA35 MHz430 MHz45SMA
2290-4848 MHz441.5 MHz45SIP
2432-5050 MHz338.3 MHz50SMD
3028+54 MHz240 MHz45SMD75 ohm Source & Load
2290-5555 MHz447.6 MHz45SIP
263857 MHz310 MHz55SMABessel Response
2290-6868 MHz458.8 MHz45SIP
2432-9090 MHz369 MHz50SMD
3404-SMA100 MHz377 MHz48SMA
2432-110110 MHz384 MHz50SMD
3250-N115 MHz1.588 MHz60N20 Watts
3094-1124 MHz3110 MHz70SMA
2583125 MHz396 MHz50SMA
3476-150-SMA150 MHz3110 MHz40SMA
3253-201-HP201 MHz1140 MHz50SMD
2432-225225 MHz3173 MHz50SMD
3496290 MHz3270 MHz45SMDC-1395
3463-SMA500 MHz2476 MHz30SMA
2432-500-SMA500 MHz3385 MHz50SMA
3255-805-HP805 MHz1.5500 MHz50SMD
3255-805-HP-SMA805 MHz1.5500 MHz50SMA
3338+968 MHz2885 MHz18SMD
3296-1000+1000 MHz1850 MHz20SMD
3296-1700+1700 MHz11450 MHz20SMD
3296-2900+2900 MHz11800 MHz20SMD

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